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Saturday, August 20, 2011

KELANA JAYA: Seorang mamat bernama Notch yang merupakan pengasas game Minecraft telah bertikam lidah dengan company Bethesda (pengasas game Elder Scrolls) regarding the issue of Notch latest game, which initially named, SCROLLS. Bethesda had lay a lawsuit on Notch saying that the name would cause confusion with their Elder Scrolls franchise.


Here is the Notch reply via his blog:


"x acara la lawan kat mahkamah" - jen

[klick for moar]

ini adalah quake. FPS ter-awesome before CS.

but later, Notch realised that If you're going to challenge someone at a videogame, typically you choose one you're good at. One with which you can kick your opponents ass with relative ease. After all only a chicken would back away from a challenge! It would be a grave mistake for you to choose a game the opponent is actually good at. It would be even worse to pick one of which your opponent owns the brand and has many professional players on their payroll... Mendapatttt

(geng2 Bethesda juga consist of the programmers of the game Quake itself.. hahaha s-kemampus)

and stated,

“If it came to a Quake III tournament, I have a feeling we just might have to change the name. In retrospect, Quake III might have been a poor choice.”-ujar Notch dengan nada penyesalan

Apa-apa, there will be a great battle up ahead!!! For khaz modan!!!

p/s: mcm biasa, sila klik mcm orang first time jumpa mouse.. wkawhak
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Anonymous said...

sengal...settle care geek...zzzz

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